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- Gyeong Yeon Kim
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Kwang Won Optical Co.,

Providing high-quality products and superior customer service

Company Info

*Corporate Organization

KwangWon is a privately held company based in the city of Daegu(4F, Nowon 1Ga, Buk-Gu), South Korea. The primary facility houses the corporate office Manufacturing plant.

*Corporate Profile

KwangWon was established in 2007 by Mr.Hyong-Sok Lee, President and owner, who has years of hands-on experience in the ophthalmic frame manufacturing industry. Since its inception, KwangWon has gained world wide recognition as a reliable supplier, providing high-quality products and superior customer service. KwangWon’s corporate philosophy stems from Mr.Lee’s  personal belief and conviction that buyers appreciate high quality products and services.

*Quality Management  System

Although initially started by requests from European buyers years ago, Kwangwon’s quality management System is ISO and CE standard.KwangWon is sustaining their CE mark certificate and various ISO certifications each year.

Buyers from the North American region have greatly emphasized consistency in measurements, and KwangWon’sproducts have been meeting 100% of this requirement. this is the direct result of their quality management system, which is applied during each step of the manufacturing process to ensure accuracy.

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